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The Product meeting

Customer Demand 

& Social Responsibility!

President     Hisaaki Otaki

We, KOYO LTD., have been offering our machine which we manufacture from design

phase totally as Machine Manufacturer since inauguration.

Our Core-Products are Molding Machine for Casting Field and Concrete Block Machine.

At present, we have expanded our market not only to Domestic, but also to Overseas,

and our name has become popular globally . As the possibility of Chinese Market had

been drawing attention strongly for these few years, we had our representative in

Shanghai ahead of times, and then established our subsidiary company in India also.

It contributes our machine-sales and the number is rising steady.

We promise all the staff strives to keep creative-challenge -spirit and to continue

R&D under the flag of our motto.

" The Product meeting Customer Demand & Social Responsibility!"

We sincerely hope to receive your continued patronage in the future.

Head Office

1-1-1 Yaya-Machi, Minami-Ku,

Kumamoto 862-0969


TEL. 81-96-378-3181

Fax. 81-96-378-3185

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